Recent interviews

I was interviewed about 'The Enchantment of Nature' by Stefan Van Norden for the podcast series 'Nature Revisited'. You can listen to it [here...] or [here ...].

On 24th October I gave a talk on 'Enchantment, Embodiment and Ecology' for the Embodiment Conference. You can read it here [Download PDF...]

I gave a talk to the alumni association of the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture. It was entitled 'Enchantment, Space, and Place'
and/ or read it here: [Download PDF...]

An interview concerning 'Tolkien, Enchantment and Ecology' for the website 'Basic and Good' (with thanks to Joseph and Joseph):

Just today -- May 8th -- I had an enjoyable gig speaking about the book for the Swindon Spring Festival of Literature.

Schumacher Lecture on the Politics and Ethics of Change, Bristol, June 2012 (second speaker of three)

Faerie in Hypermodernity (a talk at the University of Kent on 6 May 2011)